Condemnation of Russia’s Attacks on Ukraine

The Human Rights Council condemned in the strongest terms the violations and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law resulting from the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and called upon the Russian Federation to cease immediately its human rights violations.

The Council also decided to establish as a matter of urgency an independent international commission of inquiry, consisting of three experts appointed by the President of the Human Rights Council for an initial period of one year, with the following mandate: To investigate, inter alia, all alleged violations and abuses of human rights, violations of international humanitarian law and related crimes, in the context of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, and to establish the facts , circumstances and root causes of any such violations and abuses; make recommendations, especially on responsibilities measures, end impunity and ensure accountability.

The German Minister for Foreign Affairs had called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to examine human rights violations in Ukraine, including Belarus. She also considered “the attack as an attack on the Charter of the United Nations, and said that it is about the most serious human rights violations: the right to life and the right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own destiny”.

In a related context, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, launched an investigation into the possible commission of war crimes in Ukraine following the Russian invasion of the country. He called on individuals currently in the war zone to report possible crimes to The Hague, as well as on all parties to abide by the rules of international law.

International Community’s Double Standards

Barrett’s was one of the Irish MPs who commented that the government’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia, while not applying the same sanctions against Israel. He added: “You are happy to use the strongest language to describe Russian President Vladimir Putin’s crimes against humanity, but you will not use the same strong language to describe Israel’s practices against the Palestinians. He referred to Israeli attacks on Gaza and violations of Palestinian rights, criticising his Government, which did not even want to use the word apartheid. They point out that their imposition of sanctions against Putin took only 5 days, while pointless insinuating that sanctions have been imposed against those who have persecuted Palestinians for 70 years. Amnesty International had called for targeted sanctions against Israeli officials who established apartheid, adding that it was “exactly the same sanctions you have imposed against Putin.

We call for an end to the aggression against Ukraine. We reiterate our call to the international community not to exercise double standards, to stand against the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and to take an urgent action by imposing sanctions on Israel in order to stop the violations it is committing against the Palestinian people of detention, torture, occupation of land and many other violations.

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