Demonstrations by the Palestinian Security Services against The People

For the first time in Palestinian history, a demonstration for the Palestinian Security Services took place against the demands of Palestinian citizens. The protestors pledged allegiance to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, supported his decisions in issuing orders to the heads of the security services to assassinate opponents and political activists, and affirmed their approach against any political rights or allowing the expression of opinion of the Palestinian citizens.

During the demonstration, citizens were attacked in the city of Ramallah, and a merchant was dragged into the streets, in an image that reminded us of the thuggery of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah in the streets of Beirut in the 80s of the last century, which reached the point of breaking into homes, raping women and killing civilians.

Furthermore, they broke the bones of the citizens passing by in the street with stones. These demonstrations roamed the city of Ramallah, threatening everyone who talks about the corruption of the Palestinian Authority and its symbols, and that death awaits everyone who dares to do so, and stating that Nizar Banat is an example.

Journalists were attacked, their phones and cameras were confiscated and they were threatened, including the journalist Fayhaa Khanfar and Saja Alami, who were attacked and beaten with batons, and their mobile phones and personal belongings were confiscated.

The candidate of the Jerusalem List, Fadia Al-Barghouti, was attacked by throwing a gas bomb to her face.

Hussein Al-Sheikh, Minister of Civil Affairs and the official coordinator with the Israeli occupation authorities said in threatening statements: “Do not test the patience of the Fatah movement, and whoever tries to harm it or its symbols will witness nothing he had imagined before”.

Leader of the Fatah movement, Muwaffaq Matar, said: “The president, the regime and the security services are not corrupt, and treason is not freedom of opinion, and there are those who benefit from the current events”

His statements came in response to the Palestinian security services’ assassination of Nizar Banat.

Salfit Governor, Abdullah Kamil, said that the security services are doing their job. He is a former officer in the Palestinian General Intelligence and was involved in the killing of many Palestinian political activists during their investigation, such as Majd Al-Barghouti and others.

While the spokesman for the security services, Talal Dwaikat, said: “When the Palestinian security services killed Nizar, they were doing the work assigned to them.”

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, the United Nations Human Rights Office in Palestine expressed shock at the behavior of the Palestinian security forces in the city of Ramallah yesterday.

The office said in a brief statement that its team, who was present at the scene and witnessed the brutal use of force against citizens, also witnessed the prevention of the work of journalists and human rights organizations, adding that it continues to monitor and will raise its concerns directly to the relevant authorities.

The United Nations Human Rights Office stressed that the Palestinian Authority must guarantee freedom of opinion, expression and assembly.

The government must also control the use of force by security forces, and it considered an investigation into the use of excessive or unjustified force as a duty, including holding officials accountable, and those who gave orders too.

These actions are illogical and tyrannical, and the international community must stand firmly against such practices of the Palestinian Authority against defenseless citizens.

The European Union and the United States must stop funding these agencies, as these funds are used to oppress and attack the Palestinian people.

We call on jurists to file these cases before the International Criminal Court against President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayyeh, and the heads of the security services, for their direct responsibility for the brutal attacks against defenseless civilians in Palestine.

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