Demonstrations Demanding Minorities Rights to Vote in the USA Elections

Dozens of American cities, including the capital, Washington, Houston and Atlanta, witnessed demonstrations supporting the right of minorities to vote, which, according to the organizers, is threatened by the laws passed this year in a number of American states.

About 20,000 demonstrators gathered in Washington and marched from the vicinity of the White House to the Congress while holding signs stating “Voting rights are for all” and “Voting is sacred.”

In 1965, the US Congress adopted the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits discriminatory electoral procedures, however, some states continued to limit minorities, especially African Americans, from voting, as most of whom vote for Democrats.

This process has recently accelerated in the republican states based on unproven accusations of massive electoral fraud claimed by Donald Trump since the presidential elections in November 2020.

“The Brennan Center for Justice” stated that since last January at least 18 states have passed 30 restrictive electoral laws, while dozens of other acts are being discussed in this regard.

These laws provide different procedures for each state; including the condition of having a registered address to register on the electoral lists to the prohibition of voting in accessible locations without leaving the car.

The US House of Representatives, which is dominated by Democrats, has adopted two electoral reform bills in 2021, aimed at reducing these restrictions in particular; however the two would not overcome the Republicans’ rejection in the Senate.

The organizers of the demonstrations said these laws are “racist and anti-democratic” and demanded an action from the Congress.

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