Dozens of Israeli Violations Reported Against Media Freedoms in September

September has witnessed an increase in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine. A total of 63 Israeli violations were documented over the past month.

At least ten journalists were brutally attacked, beaten, and targeted with rubber bullets and teargas bombs while covering West Bank protests or Jerusalem demolition orders.

13 Journalists were prevented from conveying events, while two Palestinian journalists’ homes were stormed and searched during the same reported period.

Meanwhile, three journalists received death and arrest threats after being accused of incitement. Two journalists’ cameras and cars were destroyed, and five others’ equipment were confiscated.

Nine journalists were also arrested, while two others were denied entry into Al-Aqsa Mosque. House arrest was also imposed on another journalist.

Six imprisoned journalists were also subjected to systematic abuse in Israeli prison and forced to pay heavy fines.

An Israeli court sentenced the female journalist, Dina Jaradat, to 4 months in prison despite her difficult health problems.

There are currently 21 Palestinian journalists in Israeli jails and detention conditions.

Along the same line, 11 Palestinian social news pages and journalists’ accounts were blocked for allegedly violating the social media platforms’ rules.

The accounts suspensions come on the heels of agreement between social media giant and Israel to team up against “incitement”.

In this regard, we affirm that these measures clearly affect the media freedom guaranteed by the international laws and conventions.

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