Emirates Imposes Punitive Measures against Human Rights Activist Ahmed Mansour in his prison

According to our sources, UAE authorities took revenge on the detained human rights defender Ahmed Mansour, after regional media published a letter, he wrote from prison detailing his ill-treatment while in detention and his “extremely unfair” trial after July 2021.

In March 2017, the authorities arrested Mansour on charges of “insulting the UAE.”

The punitive measures included transferring the 51-year-old Mansour to a smaller, more isolated cell, denying him basic medical care, and confiscating his reading glasses. He is held in a 4 c.m. cell without bedding, limited or no access to sunshine, showers and potable water.

The detained human rights defender went on hunger strike twice in 2019 to protest his I’ll-treatment in prison. His health deteriorated as a result of a hunger strike which lasted for 45 days amid the absence of the necessary medical treatment.

For our part, we call on the UAE to immediately release the human rights activist, and not to prejudice his personal freedoms, and we stress that the defence of human rights is a legal duty called for by divine and status laws.

We call on the international community to pressure the UAE to stop the arrest and disappearance of human rights defenders and political opponents, and not to condone their behaviour under the pretext of mutual economic benefits.

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