Global Rights Watch: Tuberculosis Cases among Bahraini Political Prisoners

Global Rights Watch organisation calls on Bahraini authorities to intervene urgently to save political detainees suffering from tuberculosis and to provide them with adequate medical treatment.

The tuberculosis outbreak at Jaw prison shed light on the medical negligence policy in the Bahraini prisons, as tuberculosis cases are increasing.

The deliberate medical negligence policy in Bahraini prisons raises growing concerns over the political prisoners’ lives and confirms the Bahraini authorities’ continued human rights violations against political detainees.

In June 2022, the political prisoner Hassan Abdullah Habib was diagnosed with tuberculosis, while at least two other prisoners suffer tuberculosis symptoms without testing.

Global Rights Watch expresses deep concern over the systematic medical negligence in Bahraini prisons and the systematic attacks on political prisoners.

Global Rights Watch also warns of the outbreak of tuberculosis in Bahraini prisons.

Therefore, Global Rights Watch renews calls on the Bahraini authorities to unconditionally release all political prisoners held over their political views and activism and to end all security prosecution, torture, and enforced disappearance based on political grounds.

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