Harsh Sentences against Palestinians and Jordanians in Saudi Arabia

Today in Saudi Arabia, harsh prison sentences were issued against 69 Jordanians and Palestinians, ranging from 4 to 22 years in prison, in the case linked to Hamas.

Khedr Al-Mashayekh, Head of the Committee for Palestinian and Jordanian Detainees, stated that sentences are issued consecutively, as detainees enter sessions in groups to receive their verdicts.

The court sentenced the Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mohamed Al-Khudari, to 15 years in prison, despite his old age and illnesses, while his son, Dr. Hani, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Among those sentences are: Mohamed Al-Abed who was sentenced to 22 years in prison, while media sources indicated that Mohamed Al-Banna was sentenced to 20 years, Ayman Al-Arian 19 years, Mohamed Al-Kurd 6 years, Mohamed Qafh 5 years, and Mohamed Fatafta 6 months.

A few days ago, the court surprisingly issued a decision, to bring forward the date of the final ruling hearing to Sunday, where it was supposed to be issued next October.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia arrested more than 60 Jordanians and Palestinians residing in it in February 2019, including the former representative of Hamas Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Al-Khudari, on charges they deny, including providing financial support to the Palestinian resistance.

We condemn these unprecedented sentences against residents of Saudi Arabia who were working under the watchful eye of the Saudi authorities and with their blessing and support.

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