Human Rights Abuses by South Sudan Army Amount Include Torture, Executions

South Sudan army has been involved in serious and heinous human rights abuses, including torture and execution, amid total impunity.

Efforts to investigate these crimes are mainly targeting South Sudanese soldiers, while military elites are protected. The soldiers are used as “scapegoats” to protect high ranking officials.

Four soldiers were recently involved in the public killing of peaceful protesters. No investigation has been opened into the incident till today, which confirms that executions are carried out as a form of collective punishment.

In the same incident, two protesters were arrested and are still held for over a week without charge, while being denied family visits, amid concerns of being subjected to torture and ill-treatment.

As we stress that civilians should never be detained in military facilities, we urge the South Sudanese authorities to immediately release all the detained protesters and held accountable those involved in human rights crimes in civilian courts, including senior officials.

We also demand the South Sudanese authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure that such crimes are no longer ignored or tolerated.

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