IOF systematical killing of Palestinians

Documented reports revealed the deliberate and systematic use of soldiers of the Israeli occupation army in shooting live bullets at Palestinians who do not pose a threat in the occupied West Bank.

We relied on testimonies of eyewitnesses and family members of some of those who were killed by the occupation soldiers, following the occupation army’s new instructions to the soldiers to open fire on Palestinians who throw stones.

The new instructions enable soldiers to shoot live bullets even after the events have ended and during the withdrawal of youths from the scene of the confrontations. 

The instructions circulated as a written document to the occupation forces stipulate that “shooting must be carried out in the combat zone.”

Last November, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, approved the amendments to the shooting regulations, under the pretext of the escalation of armed operations and the escalation of tension in the West Bank.

The firing of live bullets by the soldiers of the occupation army towards the Palestinians is one of the aspects of the shooting policy applied and adopted by the occupation forces in the West Bank; a normal and routine procedure.

Among the cases that confirm this is the case of the boy, Mohamed Dadis, 15, from the Askar refugee camp (Nablus district), who was shot dead by an Israeli soldier. According to testimonies collected from eyewitnesses, on Friday, November 5, 4 Boys from the residents of Askar camp – including the boy Mohamed Daads – to the eastern outskirts of Deir al-Hatab village. About 10 minutes after the arrival of the four boys to the area, one of the soldiers was hit by a stone in the face. After that, the wounded soldier fired a single bullet that hit the boy Daads in the stomach. He was taken to a hospital in Nablus, but doctors declared him dead shortly after his arrival. 

Eyewitnesses confirmed in their testimony that the fatal shooting of Daads was not in order to avoid the danger that threatened the soldiers’ lives by throwing stones, but rather in response to the shooting of the soldier with a stone and the taunts of the young men and boys at him.

Another case we documented indicates that the policy of shooting by the occupation soldiers towards Palestinians is a normal and routine procedure, when Israeli soldiers opened fire at Imad Al-Hashash, 15, from Balata refugee camp (Nablus district), while he was photographing them from the roof of his house.

We affirm that these harsh measures taken by the Israeli occupation against defenseless Palestinian citizens must be punished, and the immunity of the Israeli army commanders who legalise such measures must be lifted, and the need to prosecute them internationally, and not allow them to go unpunished.

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