Israeli Violations against Palestinian People

The Palestinians feel let down by the US policy after Joe Baden’s assumption of the presidency, in addition to the absence of an influential role of Arab States regarding normalisation, as well as the position of Russia and the European Union, which have not yet been able to leave the American cloak and stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, there has been an increase in Israeli aggression against Palestinians, repeated incursions into the cities of the Bank, arrests and assassinations of members of the resistance and the preemption of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Brahimi sanctuary. Several Palestinian factions have called for the cessation of the Oslo Agreement in support of popular resistance, given the escalating violations.

Security Council Remains Silent About Israeli Abuses

Every time Israeli forces dig in the vicinity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, excavations in the square of the Brahimi sanctuary accelerate, holy city features change, and settlements are expanded without any deterrent, as the international community stands idly by.

The Palestinian Foreign Affairs have called on the Security Council to intervene to stop excavations and building of settlements, but the Council has not responded. 

These violations have increased following the normalization of some Arab States with Israel and the silence of the United States and the international community, encouraging the occupying entity to pursue its settlement policy and expansionist policy on Palestinian land.

Israeli sources have revealed that they are soon planning to build 850 settlements in the West Bank. In addition to muzzle and silence criticism policy and failure to show the film Jenin, which tells the Israelis occupation story of the camp and committing massacres.

As part of the ongoing crackdown on Palestinian content, the administration of Twitter has closed all accounts of the Quds News Network, which highlight Israeli violations against the Palestinians. in a recent report, the administration of Facebook, as the “Echo Social” Centre monitored 145 violations against Palestinian content during October. In addition, there have been hundreds of bans from live broadcasts of Palestinian pages, activists and media professionals noting that most of the blocking cases were on Facebook. Furthermore, Impact International also accused the Israeli occupation of working with Facebook to “fight Palestinian content”.

International community condemned Israeli violations of international law and fundamental rights

 In a related context, Michelle Bachelet the OHCHR High Commissioner has expressed deep concern about the “increasing number of killings and injuries of Palestinians by Israeli forces and armed settlers,” noting repeated cases of excessive use of force that have killed and injured Palestinian children, with Israeli forces this year killing 16 children in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.  Israel is currently arresting 160 Palestinian children, some without charge, under administrative detention regulations. She asserted that “under international law, administrative detention is permitted only in exceptional circumstances,” noting that her office continues to receive disturbing reports of ill-treatment of children during their arrest, transfer, interrogation, and detention by the Israeli authorities.

Michelle Bachelet criticised the Israeli decision that classifies 6 Palestinian civil society organisations as “terrorist organisations” without any evidence, describing these decisions as arbitrary, adding that it constituted an attack on human rights defenders, the right to freedom of association, opinion and expression,” noting that these organisations had worked with the international community and the United Nations for decades.

Israel’s violations of international law and fundamental rights were also condemned by Human Rights Watch: The severe movement restrictions of Gaza’s closure and the permit system; confiscation of more than one-third of West Bank land; the forced relocation of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank; denying hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and their relatives the right to residency; and the suspension of basic civil rights for millions of Palestinians.

 It is well known that Israel is pursuing an ongoing policy aimed at maintaining Israeli domination over Palestinians and committing grave violations against Palestinians living in the occupied territories, including occupied Jerusalem, making Israel the largest perpetrator of crimes against humanity such as apartheid and persecution.

The organisation asserted that the Israeli authorities were committing two crimes against humanity, namely apartheid and persecution.

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