Israeli violations against Palestinians

Human Rights Watch documented a lengthy report of Israeli actions against Palestinians over decades and concluded that they amounted to crimes against humanity under international law.

International criminal law has defined two crimes against humanity for systematic discrimination and repression: Apartheid and persecution are classified as crimes against humanity most heinous in international law. The crime of persecution, the severe denial of fundamental rights on racial, ethnic and other grounds, which is one of the most serious international crimes, which is as serious as apartheid.
Among the inhuman acts defined by the Apartheid Convention and the Rome Statute are “forced removal,” “dispossession of real estate,” “separation between peoples by insulators”, denial of “the right to leave and return to the country, and the right to possess nationality.”

On both sides of the Green Line – which divides Palestine according to international resolutions into: a state for Israel and another for the Palestinians on the borders of June 4, 1967 – the settlement project was launched and penetrated into the occupied West Bank lands to establish a “settler’s state” in contravention of international conventions. The Israeli authorities provide privileges and incentives to the industrial areas in the West Bank by reducing land prices and supporting the employment of the workforce, and this in turn encourages the continuous increase in the number of factories in the Israeli industrial areas in the West Bank..

Over the past 54 years, the Israeli authorities have facilitated the transfer of Israeli Jews to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, granting them a higher status under the law than Palestinians living in the same areas in terms of civil rights, access to land, freedom of movement and construction, and the granting of residency rights to relatives. The policy of settling Israeli civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories has led to a series of human rights violations: Israel has deliberately demolished and destroyed tens of thousands of Palestinian homes and properties, and forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. Many families were also forced to leave their homes or lands in order to vacate their areas for the establishment of settlements on them. Israel imposed, as well, harsh conditions such as the categorical denial of building permits in large parts of the West Bank, causing thousands of Palestinians to leave their homes in conditions amounting to forcible transfer; Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and their relatives were deprived of residency rights because of their presence abroad at the beginning of the occupation in 1967.

In the West Bank, the authorities confiscated more than 2 million dunums of land from Palestinians, making up more than one third of the West Bank, including tens of thousands of dunums that they recognize as private property belonging to Palestinians.. At the same time, Israel imposed arbitrary restrictions that denied Palestinians access to their water, land and other resources, limiting their economic development and violating their economic and social rights.

Military orders were also used to cover up their acts in violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, including the massive seizure of property and natural resources, the demolition of homes and businesses, arbitrary arrests and illegal detention of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, and the collective punishment of millions of Palestinians. For years, hundreds of Palestinians have been killed illegally by Israeli security forces.

Also inside the West Bank, Israeli authorities prevent Palestinian identity card holders from entering areas such as East Jerusalem, land behind the separation wall and areas under the control of settlements and the military, unless they have access to hard-to-obtain permits.

For decades, numerous United Nations resolutions have emphasized that Israeli settlements constitute a violation of international law, but no actions have been taken to stop this violation, the United States, which for decades, had failed to put pressure on the Israeli Government to stop its systematic repression of Palestinians, the European states, as well, which established close relations and trade activities with Israel, in addition, to the international community that always condoned or found justification for the abuses, this approach, which downplayed gross violations of human rights in the Palestinian territories, has encouraged Israelis to tyranny. 

The Palestinian Authority must cease all forms of security coordination with the Israeli army that facilitate the commission of apartheid and persecution against humanity.

 Every day, Palestinians are born in Gaza in a prison with an open roof, in the West Bank without civil rights, in Israel with a lower status under the law, and in neighboring countries with a lifelong refugee status, such as their parents and grandparents.

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