Nizar Banat: A Palestinian Political Opponent Killed by Palestinian Authorities

Since its establishment, the Palestinian Authority has been following a systematic approach to eliminate its political opponents.

It usually follows the carrot and stick method. It offered the carrots with many including Talal Sidr when it appointed him as a minister in the authority in exchange for attacking the Islamic Movement in the media.

It also used it with Ahmed Majdalani, who turned from a leftist into a media trumpet for the PA, and Abdullah Harb, director of the Inspection Bureau in the Court of the Judge of the Judges.

And it used the stick including shooting political opponent, as happened with the former presidential candidate, the late Professor Dr. Abdelsattar Qassem, who was injured several times by the security forces and the Fatah faction, as well as the prominent Palestinian parliamentarian Hassan Khreisheh, who was shot several times, and many others.

As for the best and easiest method for the PA, it is the deliberate killing and denying committing these murders.

The prominent Islamist dissident Majd Al-Barghouti, was killed in the Palestinian intelligence investigation centers, and Ahmad Halawa, known as Abu El-Ezz, a former officer in the security services, was killed by the security services during his arrest, and the authority claimed that his killing happened by mistake. He was killed simply because he opposed to the security services’ approach in killing and torturing Palestinian citizens at the hands of these services.

And today, the killing of Palestinian citizen Nizar Banat at the hands of the security services is also an approach of the PA.

The deceased was a prominent opponent and has long exposed corruption within the Palestinian security services and the leadership.

Nizar Banat was an honorable man who belonged to Fatah movement and worked on establishing an honest and transparent political work in the Palestinian territories.

He made numerous interviews on social media in support of political reform and holding the corrupt accountable, however, his attempts were not admired by the PA, which pursued and killed him during his arrest.

This approach of the PA of killing and liquidating opponents amounts to a state crime against defenseless citizens, and we call on the international community to stand up to its responsibilities to stop the authority from committing such crimes, reject the formation of investigation committees, and hold international trials for the Palestinian officials responsible for this crime. Otherwise, we will see more killings of opponents and political reformers in the West Bank, especially since the PA leadership does not accept the presence of the other, and reacts with killing those in charge of any peaceful or judicial move.

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