Ongoing Crimes of the Saudi-Emirati Coalition against Yemeni People

Yemen has been witnessing huge massacres, at the hands of the Saudi- Emirati coalition, especially in the past few days as they targeted civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure in the capital, Sana’a, Saada and Hodeidah. The internet was cut off in all parts of Yemen after targeting the International Telecommunication and Internet Gateway, the only internet provider in the country.

For seven years, the coalition forces has been bombing vital facilities in Yemen, destroying 248 towers, more than 1,500 stations and 46 communications facilities. Yesterday, Saudi Arabia and its allies bombed a prison including 3000 prisoners and a soccer field where innocent children were killed.

Complicity of the United States in Yemen’s War

On December 6, 2021, the Foreign Policy newspaper shared news that Joe Biden promised to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia—all arms sales, not just “defensive” ones, according to the wishes of the American people and the confirmation of the Congress made in October “to end the United States’ complicity in the war against Yemen.”

 U.S. weapons and Washington’s ongoing support for the Saudi war have contributed to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster in Yemen, with millions of Yemenis near starvation and over 130,000 killed, residential areas and factories turning to rubble, and the economy on the brink of collapse.

However, it seems that USA and the international community have preferred money and interests over supporting the victims in Yemen. The United States is determined to stand by the Saudi-Emirati alliance, and its foreign ministry announces that it is still responsible for the security and stability of the Gulf, and is not bothered by the extent of death in Yemeni cities, despite raising the title of stopping the war on Yemen as part of Joe Biden’s election campaign.

The International Community Attacks on Victims!

Images of children under the rubble did affect major powers. According to the US ambassador to the United Nations, bombing industrial installations in Abu Dhabi is considered terrorism, but bombing civilians in Yemen is a legitimate military means.

After Yemen responded to repeated attacks of the coalition by targeting the UAE, the US stood in solidarity with the UAE and The League of Arab States called for an emergency meeting in response to the “terrorist attack,” and remained silent about the victims that had fallen in the massacres of Saada and Hodeida, and the Yemeni regions.

The European Union expressed concern over the escalation in Yemen, calling on the parties to the conflict to participate in the political process to end the conflict. The European Union’s strong condemnation of the attack on the Emirates was evident, as well as its calls for the re-listing of Ansar Allah on the list of terrorist organisations.

The Security Council said that the Saudi coalition’s recent air strikes on Yemen were unacceptable, while the Council later unanimously condemned the Ansar Allah attack on the Emirates, calling it a “cowardly act of terrorism,” and calling for the punishment of the perpetrators.

International community equalises between the victims and the perpetrator

These international convictions by the United Nations, Washington and the European Union for attacks carried out by the military and people’s committees on sites in the Emirates, has equalised between the assailant and the victim.

The killing of innocent people in Yemen will not stop as long as perpetrators are not held accountable. Seven years have passed while the international community continues to support “terrorism and violations” by Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in Yemen. International stances remain unchanged, despite the aggression on the Yemeni people.

We stress, as GRW Organisation, that the stances of the international community reflect the disruption of the world order and the use of double standards.  

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