PA Forces Brutally Attack Student Peaceful Protest at An-Najah National University

The Independent Movement – a student group at An-Najah National University in Nablus – has organised a peaceful protest in response to an earlier attack on students inside and in the vicinity of the university a few days ago.

The protest was violently suppressed by the security guards, although it was permitted by the university administration.

The students were surprised by a group of security guards beating them, spraying them with pepper spray and forcing them out of the campus during the protest.

 The security officers later started chasing students in the vicinity of the university amid gunshots fire. Gunshot wounds were reported during the events.

Representative of the Islamic bloc Amir Shalhoub affirmed that the university guards attacked the students without any prior notice, stressing that the attack seems to be planned.

A student, who refused to give his name citing security reasons, told us that the security guards chased the students in the vicinity of the university while gunshots could be heard in the background.

The university administration did not comment on the incident till time of writing.

The university security guards are known for their strong affiliation to the Palestinian Authority (PA) security services and Rami Hamdallah, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees and pro-Israel Former Prime Minister.

For his part, the city’s governor Ibrahim Ramadan said “what is happening at An-Najah University is an internal affair that has nothing to do with us,” knowing that dozens of security services were directly involved in the attack.

Several journalists and media workers were brutally attacked while covering the attack, including the journalist Samer Khweira who was severely beaten.

In this regard, we affirm that An-Najah National University events amounts to a programmed attack on students’ freedom and rights guaranteed by law. We further call on the PA and the university administration to put an end to the security services and university guards’ attacks on the students.

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