Palestinian Cancer-Stricken Prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid is Dying

The brother of the Palestinian cancer-stricken prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for his brother’s safety.

Naji Abu Hamid stressed that efforts have been made to allow the family to visit him in Israeli custody.

This means nothing to us. Our only demand is his immediate release, he told our organisation.

How come we can support my brother from behind a class while he is dying? My mother has been deprived of hanging him for the last time, he continued.

Abu Hamid, who has been in prison since 2002, has lung cancer while in prison and recently started to take doses of chemotherapy after long Israeli procrastination and deliberate medical neglect.

He was later taken to hospital after a medical mistake caused his health to deteriorate, pushing him into a coma.

Since the tumour was discovered, Abu Hamid has suffered “medical negligence” in prison, which led to the rapid decline of his health

Abu Hamid family has launched several appeals to save her son before it is too late. But Israeli authorities continue to ignore the humanitarian appeals to release him on health grounds.

The family was recently informed that Abu Hamid is spending his final days after he reached a despair stage.

For his part, director of the Commission for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs, Qadri Abu Bakr, said that Israel has refused to respond to the Palestinian or international parties’ demands for Abu Hamid’s release.

Abu Bakr pointed out that they have submitted a release appeal to the Israeli court. But it was refused.

A second appeal is being prepared to be submitted in the near future after obtaining the final medical report, he added.

Last week, Abu Hamid’s lawyer failed to meet him due to his difficult health deterioration and his extreme fatigue, pointed out that his imprisoned brother, Muhammad was transferred to the prison where Nasser is held to take care of him after his health deteriorated.

On the other hand, Hamas Movement renewed the humanitarian initiative it launched t to release sick and elderly prisoners before it is too late, topped by Nasser Abu Hamid.

He further called on the Palestinian people to escalate solidarity activities with the detainees, at all political, media, and humanitarian levels.

For our turn, we call on the international community to take serious actions to criminalize and expose Israel’s slow death policy against the Palestinian detainees and to work immediately for the release of the detainee Nasser Abu Hamid, and all sick detainees in Israeli prisons.

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