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Politicization of government and public jobs in the Palestinian Authority

Since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, the Fatah Movement has been excluding others from public work and limiting it to their members, some factions, and organizations loyal to it. This has in turn made the Palestinian Authority a reflection of it, as it had a partisan ideology instead of being an administrative service.

Given this situation, a very large number of the Palestinian people became deprived of the right to public work only because that they do not belong to the Fatah movement.

This of course is in violation of the constitutional and legal provisions of the same authority, and it is also in violation of human rights and the international charter, which affirmed the right of the citizen to a decent work that guarantees him a decent.

Not only that, but it also linked the public office to the security approval of the General Intelligence and the Preventive Security Service. It stipulated that those applying for public jobs must issue a certificate of good conduct from these agencies, which refuse to give it to those who do not belong to the Fatah movement, or to those who oppose the movement.

After many complaints, the PA played a game by allowing everyone to apply for public office, but after applying, it sends the names of applicants to the security services, which recommends names of applicants who belong to the Fatah Movement or is close to the security services, writing (we recommend), or (we do not recommend) of they belong to the opposition.

This situation has created a state of general tension as a result of the unemployment of thousands of qualified Palestinian youth, whose opportunities were lost due to the unjust employment mechanism of the PA.

Moreover, civil and academic work has become subject to the same practices, as for the academic job which is supposed to be based on competency of the applicant, it is based on the consent of the Palestinian security services, whose security agenda is usually linked to Israel; the real controller of the PA, which enjoys limited powers, and follows Tel Aviv’s policy.

And of course, senior positions in the PA have become a succession of the children of officials, which is clearly obvious in all public decision-making centers in the PA.

Everyone must reject this policy and stand against it, and work to correct the employment process, as it is one of the issues that have serious social impacts that help and increase the disintegration of the social fabric and the collapse of society.

We call on the PA to stop these unfair practices, as it has international and human rights requirements that worked on canceling these procedures, but the PA still kept it using the different ways we mentioned above.

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