Russia accuses USA of carrying out dangerous biological activities in Ukraine

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Washington has allocated $32 million to Ukrainian military laboratory activity in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov, and the Pentagon has allocated $2,600 million to study bat-to-human transmission of diseases in Ukraine and Georgia, according to the Russian Interfax Agency.

For its part, the Ukrainian government said that it had legitimately functioning laboratories supported by the United States, the European Union, Canada and the World Health Organization, and the United States cooperated with 26 Ukraine sites, providing “direct material support” to six of them.

Observers do not rule out the use of biological weapons in the war between Russia and Ukraine, asserting that such a step would amount to a “humanitarian disaster,” which would be difficult to control or address its consequences.

The researcher on international security and terrorism, Hazem Saeed, said that “biological weapons are one form of non-conventional weapons of mass destruction that spread epidemics and germs to eliminate as much population and environment as possible. He explained that “bacteria, fungi and viruses, in addition to all toxins produced by these organisms, or derived from plants and animals, are called biological weapons.

Biological weapons are ancient and prohibited by biological weapons Convention

Although this weapon has made a serious development with advances in genetic engineering techniques in recent years, it is not a new weapon in the international arena, with its use originating in the beginnings of the First World War. The use and development of biological weapons on the military side is a violation of international instruments and the Biological Weapons Convention prohibiting their use, especially since this type of weapon has a greater and more dangerous economic and health impact than conventional weapons.

One of the most recent biological attacks, the anthrax attack that struck the United States on 2001, sent germs in the envelopes, and after initial accusations were made against Al Qaeda, the FBI came to a local source of these envelopes, a biologist working in the field of biological defense, and was one of the FBI’s anthrax advisers.

Investigations should be carried out to verify USA hazardous biological activities in Ukraine

After Russia’s accusations against the United States, last Friday, the United Nations Security Council witnessed a stormy meeting at which U.S. and Russian delegates exchanged accusations about developing biological weapons in Ukraine, or planning to use them there. The Russian delegate, Vassily Nebenzia, said that “Moscow has documents showing an agreement and cooperation between the United States and Ukraine to support biological research involving hazardous activities, clarifying that the past week had seen the detection of developments in the programme, such as the establishment of biological weapons components. He says that Ukraine’s regime has urgently reduced its biological programme at the request of the West, and points out that Kiev is trying to hide its course of action. He then affirmed the existence in Ukraine of a network of 30 biological laboratories that promote the characteristics of deadly diseases, warning against the risk of dangerous substances from these biological laboratories in Ukraine falling into the hands of terrorists.

The Permanent Ambassador of Russia to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, said that “Ukraine and the United States are violating the Biological Weapons Convention, and all new evidence of dangerous activities is in Ukraine. “This relates not only to the violation by Ukraine and the United States of the Biological Weapons Convention, but also to the fact that there is new evidence of dangerous military biological activities in the Eastern European region.

The Russian Defense Ministry highlighted Ukraine’s biological laboratory relationship with an investment fund of U.S. President Joe Biden’s son, and held the United States and its allies responsible for transporting thousands of biological samples beyond Ukraine’s borders.

The United Nations claimed that it had neither the mandate nor the technical capacity to verify the existence of biological programmes in Ukraine, following a request by the Russian side for an emergency meeting of the Security Council on the United States laboratories there.

We call for the verification of this matter by the competent international scientific and judicial bodies in order to establish the facts on this subject, given the danger it poses to the life of all mankind.

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