Seminar: the Pegasus programme and its role in the violation of human rights.

Over the years, Israel has developed its cyber capabilities and has become a country of global importance in this field and an international centre in the export of spy technology and information research to many countries in the world.

It was made worse when they exported such technology to States that were classified as violating human rights and did not respect the international covenants and instruments that sponsored it.

At the top of these technologies is the social media spy and telephone communication program known as Pegasus, produced by the Israeli company NSO Group.

The use of this software from many countries around the world has seriously damaged many institutions and legal and media personalities worldwide, such as spying on French President Emmanuel Macron’s phone, tapping Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ talks, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashqji, and many other issues worldwide. Accordingly, the Global Rights Organization for Human Rights in Britain invites you to attend an online symposium on Pegasus software and its role in violating human rights.


Salam Saab- Director of Global Rights Watch

Dr. Waleed Galod– cyber security specialist: Discussing spying technical aspects
Dr. Farid Abu Dahir– Professor of Information and Journalism at Najah National University: Discussing the media reaction and steps to be taken in face of spying on journalists

Dr.Michael Isikoff– Chief investigative Correspondent for Yahoo news: Discussion the issue in terms of human rights violations and accountability of perpetrators

Marwa Fatafta– Advisory board member of the Palestinian digital rights organization “7amleh”

Time and date:

Thursday 19 August 2021 at 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. Beirut Time

To join through Zoom: Via Link:

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