Silwan- New Violations Against Palestinian’s Human Rights

Silwan is the closest village to the gates of old Jerusalem, from the southeast side. It is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque and its outer wall. It is one of the biggest cities and the most inhabitant one in history. It has historical buildings and it was the water source for the old city in Jerusalem, where water used to pass through canals built by the Jebusites (the original builders of Jerusalem), and its traces still exist to this day.

The distinguished geographical location of this town, which is very close to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in addition to the vastness of its lands that extends to the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley area, is very important to the occupation state, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority alike. These characters appealed to the settlers and the Israeli occupation entity, and they started claiming ownership of these lands, based on documents dating back to the Ottoman era, especially the period when the Ottoman Empire was under the authority of the Committee of Union and Progress, closely related to the emerging Zionist movement in that period, and this with raises doubts about the authenticity of these documents, as many of the settlers’ allegations are based on documents that date back to this period in which the Committee for Union and Progress tightened its grip on the Ottoman Empire.

This revealed in the fact that the ownership documents of vast lands in the city of Jaffa and Tel Al-Rabee (Tel Aviv), turned out to be lease contracts for agricultural lands, not ownership contracts as they claimed.

Their claims of having religious places and a Jewish city under Silwan to support their right to these lands will open files that Westerns want to avoid, including the lands of the USA, which belong to the Red Indians.

In their quest to achieve their goals in controlling the city; settlers have seized hundreds of land and dozens of homes in various parts of this city and established settlement projects, the majority of which are explicitly funded by Jewish businessmen residing in the United States and the United Kingdom, most notably: the outposts of the Ateret Cohanim Association, the Jerusalem cable car project, the Yemeni Jewish Home project, the City of David tourism project, and the Kadam settlement project, and many others.

These projects, which are fully supported by the occupying state, whether by military force or financial and judicial support, have seized most of the Palestinian lands in this town, moreover, they are close to forcibly displace the Palestinians, like in the year 1984 when the occupying state was established on the Palestinian lands, and the events are currently accelerating dramatically towards the displacement of the people of Silwan town, which would move the occupying power to other areas in Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities to implement similar plans.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the international community to put an end to these developments, especially since the occupying entity applies a legal cover to its settlements actions a legal cover by the Israeli courts claiming to be enforcing the law.

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