Stay of Execution; Another Punishment for liberated Palestinian Prisoners

The “stay of execution” is legally defined as the period following the release of the detainee, where it is recorded in his file that he is a criminal, however according to the laws of the Israeli occupation authorities.

The occupation uses the “stay of execution” against Palestinians all the time and in minor activities like throwing stones or possessing weapons, and participating in peaceful activities. It is used as a means of punishment against prisoners even after their release.

It is considered a military order that is not subject to appeal, as it represents the logic of the occupation military orders that seek to control, abuse, and oppress the Palestinian people.

Not only that, but it constitutes an obstacle for every institution wanting to employ the released prisoner or cooperate with him, especially international institutions.

Hashem Takrouri, the freed prisoner and director of Thinkers for Palestine, stressed that the stay of execution threatens all arrested Palestinians in case of their re-arrested on similar security charges, as it would become like a double verdict.

In many cases; the stop of execution is underestimated, but in reality, it is a harsher punishment for the released prisoner, according to Dr. Takouri.

The military order consists of actual imprisonment for a certain period, followed by a stay of execution for another period, after which the prisoner is fined, thus punishing one person more than once on the same charge.

This form of abuse and racism is practiced against Palestinians of all ages, aimed to monitor them after their release, which is in violation of international laws and norms.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been subjected to the scourge of the suspension of execution, which is often accompanied by a travel ban, movement, and activities restriction.

We affirm that the military rulings of the occupation authorities, in their entirety, are illegal and in violation of the international human rights laws, which Israel continues to disregard, given the international complicity, especially from the USA and European countries.

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