The US Government Prioritises Gun Ownership Over Basic Human Rights

Gun violence is a daily tragedy affecting the lives of individuals around the world. More than 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms. Gun violence is a contemporary global human rights issue. Gun-related violence threatens our most fundamental human right, the right to life

Gun violence in the United States has reached crisis proportions. Nearly 40,000 people are killed by guns in the United States every year and another 175,000 are wounded. Women and individuals of colour are disproportionately affected. Mass shootings occur with alarming frequency in schools, in offices, at churches and concerts, and in theatres. An average of one school shooting occurs every week.

Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by gun violence

There is no question that black and brown Americans are disproportionately impacted by gun violence in the U.S. and that it is a human rights failure. There is not one single solution, but at a minimum, one means to reduce firearms violence is to establish a system of laws that properly regulates access to firearms and which provides social and health services to support those impacted by gun violence.

According to the United States Washington Post, the figures for armed violence are the highest in two decades, confirming that the country recorded mass shootings, on average, per 73 days in the year 2020. Some 20 thousand Americans were killed by armed violence in 2020, making it the bloodiest year in the United States in two decades.

Mark Barden, one of the founders of the Gun Violence Prevention Group, said: “There are many communities across the country that treats persistent armed violence as just part of their daily lives.” “This issue is not supported, nor is there sufficient national attention. Ronnie Dunn, professor of urban studies at Cleveland State University, said that: “More than 100 Americans are killed every day by violence.

Ronnie Dunn, professor of urban studies at Cleveland State University, said: “More than 100 Americans are killed every day by armed violence,” including both shooting and suicide incidents. He added that “the majority of the victims are from coloured communities.

The Corona pandemic and police brutality against the brunette skin caused an increase in firearms sales, with Americans buying nearly 23 million firearms in 2020, 64 percent more than in 2019, according to the American newspapers.

Controversy is mounting in the United States over the issue of individual gun control after the country experienced a series of individual shootings, in which four or more people were killed in each of them, a phenomenon that the US Democratic Administration classified as a “health epidemic,” similar to the Corona epidemic. American celebrities in the art world and elsewhere have called for a “vaccination campaign” against violence resulting from the possession of individual weapons. The Americans have become convinced of the infertility of the political movement that Washington has seen to curb this phenomenon, which is linked to the history of bearing arms in the country, and is rooted in the culture of Americans, and North Americans in general.

The only industry in the United States without prosecution

Biden had said that “most people are unaware that the only industry in the United States that cannot be prosecuted, the one that generates billions of dollars, is the manufacturers of weapons.” In doing so, Biden referred to a 2005 law entitled “The Legal Gun Dealers Protection Act,” which broadly protects firearms manufacturers and traffickers from prosecution in the courts when Individuals use firearms illegally purchased from them.

Gun violence can also have a negative impact on people’s right to education or health care, when they are too afraid to attend schools or health facilities or if these services are not fully functioning due to firearm violence in their community.

Gun violence in the USA become a human rights crisis

The state has an obligation to maximise the protection of human rights, creating the safest possible environment for most people, especially those considered to be at the greatest risk. If a state does not exercise adequate control over the possession and use of firearms in the face of persistent gun violence, this could amount to a breach of its obligations under international human rights law.

US governments have allowed gun violence to become a human rights crisis. The failure of many states and the federal government to adopt gun-safety legislation to prevent gun violence violates a legal obligation to protect the human rights of Americans. The U.S. failure to act has been the subject of comment and review by the U.N. Human Rights Committee, the Human Rights Council, the Committee against Torture, and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

UN Committees asserted that this crisis requires getting the political branches to take human rights seriously and to adopt public-health measures addressing the problem. It also requires a cultural shift (that is already underway) to focus less on gun rights and more on human rights.

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