UAE participates in Hollywood with movie inciting hatred and distorting Arabs

Hollywood has for years been distorting Arabs and Muslims through the films it produces, which are often funded by Zionists. This behavior reflects a policy to create hatred and enmity against Arabs when watching such movies, which results in humiliating Arabs and Muslims and wasting their rights due to this policy, as well as provoking negative feelings towards them.

The impact usually shows hostility to everything that is Arab and Muslim by Western citizens and even some Western governments as well.

This has resulted in Arabs and people of Arab origins losing many of their rights, including freedom of movement and entry to Western countries, as well as preventing Arab citizens in many academic and economic institutions from joining and the formation of a negative stereotype about the Arabs.

The United Arab Emirates proceeded in the same way to distort its political opponents and all those who do not agree with its policies, and deliberately participated in the Hollywood film production sector through co-production at the beginning and with the help of American and Arab actors, in the movie “The Misfits”; ie. “the odd ones”. The events of the film revolve around combatting terrorism in the Middle East, while linking it to the Muslim Brotherhood (which the UAE considers its first opponent in the Middle East), in a hypothetical country called “Jazeerstan”, and interestingly, a number of clips and scenes were linked to real places and names in the State of Qatar.

Mansour Al Dhaheri, the Emirati film producer, deliberately included offensive clips linking Qatar to terrorism and embodied the character of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi to show him as someone inciting to violence and bombing.

Most of the scenes were filmed in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi, due to the geographical and urban similarity with the State of Qatar, with the official support evident, including the support of the UAE Armed Forces to the film’s production team with military equipment for filming.

The film was financed with a large amount of money from another company managed by the UAE National Security Consultant Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed.

When a country produced a movie to publicly distort another country, as we have seen, it is actually causing hostility to that country and its citizens at the international level and building a false image, and it also subjects these citizens and the people embodied in the movie to harassment and hostility from others.

Such a hostile move requires international action to stop all sorts of promotion which spreads racism, incites hatred, and fuels violence against peoples and countries, which resulted in many attacks and racist practices against Arabs and Muslims in western countries.

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