Ukrainian-European Racial Discrimination against Refugees of Non-White Skin and Blue Eyes Circulated on Social Media

Social media platforms circulated videos of an Arab young man trying to save Arabs and Africans by allowing them to enter a train moving from Ukraine to Slovakia, after Ukrainian police insisted on removing non-whites from the train, and allowing the whites to board the train first to escape from the Russian bombing.

The video showed the Moroccan young man who stood in front of the train carriage door, calling on Arab girls, then young men and people with brown skin, to enter the train first.

Other videos showed attempts by Ukrainian police and civilians to prevent black people from boarding the train to flee Ukraine, and a fight broke out between a number of them and white people.

Our reported spoke to the young Moroccan, Mehdi Bendedouh, a student from Agadir studying in Ukraine at the University of Kharkiv in the field of communication sciences, who insisted on saving Arabs and Africans.

Mahdi fled with those fleeing the Russian bombing, a long journey that he made with his fellow Moroccan students, sometimes walking and other times searching for a car to ride with the remaining money they had.

Mahdi only left with his personal papers and proof of his scholarship to Ukraine, a small bag containing some dry foods and sweets to ward off the cold, and a green heavy coat.

In his speech to our reported, Mahdi confirmed that what happened in the train is a racial discrimination, as Arabs were pushed out of the train bound for Slovakia, and Ukrainians only were granted the right to board it.

This situation made Mahdi jump to the front of the train carriage after the Ukrainian policeman closed it, calling for Arab girls to come in, followed by Arab and African youths who were humiliated for several days by the border police. Numerous reports emphasised the unfair treatment of Arabs and blacks, both from Ukrainian troops or border guards in neighboring European countries.

These events reflect the immoral treatment of European governments with refugees and the racist treatment, including the killing, deporting and torturing refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, to dealing with generosity and open borders with Ukrainians and refugees with white skin and blue eyes.

These events have revealed the world’s responsibility to confront racism, according to gender, color and race, which emerged from the European civilization that claims democracy and its preservation of human rights.

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