US and UK Reject an International Resolution Recognizing Safe Environment as a Human Right

The United Kingdom, the United States and a number of countries have refrained from supporting a proposal submitted to the United Nations recognizing a safe and healthy environment as a human right, which sparked a wave of criticism as they were accused of reversing their pledges before the Glasgow Climate Conference.

The Human Rights Council in Geneva is expected to approve a draft Decision later this week.

If passed, environmental advocates say it would intensify pressure on countries to join more than 100 countries that already recognize the legal right to a healthy environment.

Although the resolution is not binding, it will contribute to shaping standards and help activists strengthen their arguments on climate issues.

This resolution gives people the power for change and to hold governments to account, especially those most vulnerable to environmental damage or climate change.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, about 13.7 million people die annually as a result of environmental hazards such as air pollution and exposure to chemicals, and the numbers are still increasing.

It seems that the sectors of industries polluting the environment play a major role in urging the governments of the US and the UK to take an opposing position on this decision, especially since these two countries are among the most polluted countries on an international level, and agreeing to such a decision will bring them a lot of legal and material troubles, especially as it will bring huge financial compensation requests.

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